COPIES-PLUS offers a large range of products and services.  From self-service copying on our state of the art copiers, to full laser color copies, invitations, posters, flyers, brochures and so much more.  If you have a special project you need help with – we have sample and idea books for inspiration!


Self-Service Copies

Come in and use our black and white self-service copiers to make your own letter, legal, and tabloid size copies. You copy – but we are always here to help!

Black and White or Color Copies

You can also drop larger jobs off to be copied. Our experienced staff can make color copies from your documents, photographs and your digital file. We have a large selection of recycled paper and card-stock to choose from. We also copy onto transparencies, adhesive paper and 2,3,4, and 5 part Carbonless NCR (non-carbon receipts).

Oversize Printing and Large Format Printing

Full color or black and white available up to 24 inches wide and as long as you need for Blueprints, CAD, posters, and banners.

Public Access to a Laptop

For your convenience bring in your thumb drive or log into your e-mail to access your files and print directly to our copiers.

Signs and Banners

We can format artwork for a variety of types of signs and banners.

Binding and Finishing

We offer many options, including plastic coil, plastic comb, and staples for your reports, presentations or booklets.


Preserve a document or get creative with your artwork. There are many applications for our lamination technology.  We can laminate up to 24 inches wide using our soft lamination. Please call 20-25 minutes ahead so we can get it warmed up or you can drop it off and pick it up later. We also have different size pouches that are heavier (5 mil thickness) that can be used to laminate at any time. The sizes range from credit card size up to 9”×11.5”.  No need to worry, we do the lamination for you.

Graphic Design

We can help you with many of your projects, or we can refer you to a talented local graphic designer.  Just ask!

File Storage and Re-Orders

We offer electronic file storage on-site for most documents for fast and easy re-order and reproduction.

Legal Duplication

We can copy your legal documents quickly and with utmost confidentiality.

Fax Services

We are glad to assist you in sending and receiving faxes with our reliable fax system..

Document Formatting

Bring in your document and we can help make it look polished and professional with our wide selection of typefaces.


Our high quality scanners will reproduce either black and white or color photographic reproductions in high resolution, so your printed product will look its best.

Cutting and Folding

A beautifully printed piece deserves attention from start to finish. We make sure your projects are trimmed and folded with precision.